Madison Line Records

Various Artists - Sojourners: A Tribute to Rich Mullins


  1. Here in America - Carolina Story
  2. 52:10 - Wilson Good
  3. The Color Green - Marci Coleman
  4. Hold Me Jesus - Todd Agnew with VMC Professors' Band
  5. Creed - ELDER
  6. Peace (A Communion Blessing from St. Joseph's Square) - Visible Worship
  7. 78 Eatonwood Green - Ashley K. Davis
  8. Hard - Lance Alton
  9. I'll Carry On - Matthew Clark ft. Andrew Osenga
  10. You Gotta Get Up (Christmas Song) - Ashley K. Davis
  11. How to Grow Up Big and Strong - The Jason Lee McKinney Band
  12. Land of My Sojourn - the beep



(MEMPHIS, TN) - Current students, alumni, and faculty of Visible Music College will be collaborating with notable Christian songwriters to re-create Rich Mullins’ concept album, “A Liturgy, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band.” 

The project will be an educational tool for the students in multiple ways, teaching them how to collectively organize, create and promote a record, while using the imprint that Rich Mullins left on the Christian music industry as a foundation. Artists include Independent Country Music Association award winning artist Jason Lee McKinney, noted Christian singer-songwriter Todd Agnew and current Visible Music College students like Andrew Elder of ELDER, among others. 

Proceeds from the record will benefit music education on two home fronts. Half of the proceeds will go to Hope In Transit, an organization started as a vision of Rich's to bring music education to Native America through music lessons and friendship. The other half of the proceeds will be put aside as a scholarship for future projects at Visible Music College to benefit students and communities with music education and ministry. 

Students need to raise a goal of at least $3,500 to cover the costs of recording, manufacturing and artist accommodations in order for profits from the record to be focused solely towards giving away to the worthy causes. To find out more information about this project, the cause, or to make a donation, visit our Facebook , Hope In Transit, or our Giving Page